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Qiyas Obtains ISO for Information Security Managem

NCA, an ETEC affiliate, has obtained the ISO 27001 Information Security Management, which is granted by PECB.The certificate is considered the most prominent international standard in the area information security management through the implementation of a policies and procedures framework that controls information security procedures. It is granted to organizations that meet certain requirements and specifications, in addition to fulfilling all technical and security controls in compliance with international standards for the preservation of an organization’s property, including confidential information, secure applications, and security assets, such as equipment, buildings, and training the organization’s staff in accordance with standard requirements and their implementation. The aim is to ensure the protection and preservation of information at the IT center.In light of current technological progress, IT assets have become one of the most important factors that play a role in the success of any organization. Thus, obtaining the ISO 27001 Information Security Management enables any organization to achieve several goals, such as reducing instances of information loss. Further, the ISO 27001 is an indication that the organization is keen on developing and improving work procedures in accordance with international standards and best practices. 


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