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A cooperation agreement between the Education and

ETEC, represented by the National Center for Assessment, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Civil Service, with a view to laying the foundations for cooperation, introducing the concept of employment skills in the public sector, raising the efficiency and quality of job candidacy for applicants to government beneficiaries, and enabling the recruitment of outstanding competencies that suit the needs and meet the aspirations of the Kingdom Vision 2030.

The MoU was signed by HE Dr. Hussam bin Abdulwahab Zaman, the Chairman of the ETEC and HE Mr. Mohammed Al-Sellemi, Assistant Minister of Civil Service.

The agreement seeks to build and implement tests and assessments aimed at identifying applicants' readiness for government positions, as well as coordinating, exchanging, documenting and categorizing expertise and information related to scientific qualifications, preparatory programs and training courses.It also seeks to identify appropriate occupational and professional fields and benefit from the Saudi Qualifications Framework.

The MoU includes holding scientific conferences and symposiums, preparing research and studies, establishing training programs that serve the Ministry, in addition to exchanging experiences with regard to academic programs, exchanging consultations and expertise and cooperating in research and scientific projects.

During the signing celebration, HE Dr Hussam bin Abdulwahab Zaman reviewed the leading role of the ETEC in developing and enhancing the quality of education in the Kingdom and affirmed its role as national reference for assessment, evaluation and accreditation in education and training. He also highlighted its endeavor to improve the quality of inputs and outputs and its contribution to capacity building and professional and career development. These are achieved through building standards and curricula, conducting academic and institutional standards and accreditation, in addition to issuing certificates and professional licenses, and promoting the culture of assessment, evaluation and quality.

For his part, the Assistant Minister of Civil Service, Mr Mohammed Al-Sellemi, said that the signing of the MoU comes in line with the efforts exerted to improve the environment of the government sector and develop its cadres so as to meet the requirements of the present phase and the directives of the wise leadership in accordance with the principles and standards of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 and the National Transformation Program. He pointed out that the MoU stems from high goals to keep pace with the labor market and support the government sector through the selection of people with top professional skills suited to their jobs, and to achieve the concept of recruitment skills, raise the adequacy of the quality of job nomination, and the implementation of related tests and scales.​



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