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About Us
Mission Vision and Goals
Organizational Chart
Executive Management
Acting Chief Executive Officer
Deputy of the Acting CEO for Operations
Code of Work Ethics
Education and Training Evaluation Commission (ETEC)
Statistics and Data
Open Data
Annual Reports
General annual report 1430
General annual report 1431
General annual report 1432
General annual report 1433
General annual report 1434
General annual report 1435
General annual report 1436
General annual report 1437
Order of schools
Detailed Results
Top 10 Schools
School's Ministerial Code
منصة التقارير التفاعلية
Researchers’ Services
Research Studies
Specialized technical reports
Reports and statistical summaries
Published Researches
A list of research products
Specialists in measurement and correction
Scientific events
Lectures and workshops
International Conference for Measurement and Correction
Specialized Courses
Assesment new Theory
Information request
Tests and Measurements
Education Exams
General Aptitude Test (GAT)
Scholastic Achievement Admission Test (Science)
Scholastic Achievement Admission Test ( Arts) - Females
Post-Graduate General Aptitude Test
General Aptitude Test in (E_GAT)
مقياس الموهبة والإبداع
Language Tests
Standardized Test of Arabic Proficiency in Speakers of Other Languages
Standardized Test of English Proficiency (STEP)
Vocational Tests
supervision Test
School Administration Test
Teachers Test
student Advisor Test
Public Prosecution
General Tour Guide Licensure Test
Provincial Tour Guide License Test
Practice tests
Saudi Council of Engineers Exams
Exams Information
Questions preparation Steps
Measure of talent and creativity
Computerized Exams
Computarized Exams Locations
Community Standards
Marriage Preparedness Scale
Positive Youth Development Scale
Career-Orientations Scale
Youths’ Life Satisfaction Scale
Resilience Scale
Learning Style Scale
الاختبارات الدولية
الاختبارات الدولية PIRLS
الاختبارات الدولية PISA
الاختبارات الدولية TALIS
الاختبارات الدولية TIMSS
Our Services
Media Center
Visitors Opinions
Qiyas Magazine
Publications and releases
Photo Albums
Video Listing
Community Responsibility
Excel Award
Award Branches
Qiyas Award for Excellence in Research and Development
Qiyas Award for Excel Schools
Qiyas Award for Scientific Excel
جائزة قياس للتميز العلمي للجامعيين
Award Value
Excel Award 1434
Excel Award 1435
Excel Award 1436
Excel Award 1437
The Winner of Qiyas Award For Research and Development Excel
Qiyas Academic Excellence Award for Graduates
Qiyas Friends
Sela Committee
أصدقاء قياس
الانضمام لأصدقاء قياس
الأسئلة المتكررة
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Weekly Question
خدمات دعم المستفيدين
الدعم الفني
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