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 Qiyas offers its tests on a mobile vehicle in Ash Shamli Governorate in Hail


The National Center for Assessment (NCA), an affiliate of the Education and Training Evaluation Commission (ETEC), announced that Qiyas’s mobile vehicle has arrived to Ash Shamli Governorate in Hail in order to allow beneficiaries to take a number of the computerized tests provided by NCA.

Mr. Ibrahim Al-Rasheed Qiyas spokesman and Director of Communication, Public Relations and Media department said that Qiyas’s mobile vehicle is a trailer launched by NCA in 1437H, equipped with state-of-the-art technology to allow students to take a number of NCA tests. This service is in line with its strategic plan implemented by the NCA to provide the best services to beneficiaries who live away from test sites.

He added that the trailer arrived in Ash Shamli Governorate, according to the approved plan for transporting NCA trailers, after stopping at Al-Haet Governorate in Hail. One of NCA’s vehicles stopped earlier in Al-Gazalah Governorate, and then Sumaira City, both are located in Hail Province, in addition to Wadi Al-Fara Governorate, Al-Ais and Khaybar Cities in Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarh with the aim of enabling the local people to take a number of NCA’s tests.

Mr. Al-Rasheed pointed out that the beneficiary can locate Qiyas trailer and book an appointment through the NCA’s website: He also stated that the NCA has about 94 permanent test sites within the Kingdom and 20 outside the Kingdom, offering a number of computerized tests on a daily basis. These test sites meet the needs of the test takers by making the test available throughout the year and ensuring the fairness of the test environment by providing the same standards in all test sites in terms of equipment, specifications and procedures. In addition, the test sites are available throughout the Kingdom and provide high-quality audio and video questions, improved identity verification, biometric authentication and electronic signature.   

He added that the method of registration in the computerized tests is similar to the usual method where you register through the NCA’s website, and receive a confirmation by SMS. Qiyas computerized tests are available at designated sites throughout the year with the possibility of postponement. NCA sites are fully equipped to meet the requirements of people with special needs, including the visually impaired and the disabled. In addition, the NCA is working to speed the process of announcing the results.

Mr. Al-Rasheed also noted that the NCA provides all supporting services to beneficiaries through the various media outlets. The NCA receives comments and responds to inquiries through its call center (920033555) from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and through its social networks @qiyasonline.​

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