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 Coordination is ongoing with educational and military entities to obtain results as planned. SAAT results to be announced next Wednesday.


Mr. Ibraheem Alrasheed, NCAs’ spokesman and Director of Communication, Public Relations, and Media pointed out that results of SAAT (paper format – 2nd stage) will be announced on Wednesday 24/09/1440H.

He stressed that the NCA works in coordination with all educational and military entities that require tests for admission according to the plan set for announcement of test results.

He added that correction of answers is carried out electronically through utilizing the latest high-speed technologies and advanced scanners dedicated to read answers without human intervention, which provides a high level of credibility to the correction process and results.

NCA provides a full range of support services to users via a variety of channels; it receives comments and responds to queries through the call center: 920033555 from 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. and through social media networks at: @QiyasOnline​

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