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 Qiyas holds the Cognitive Ability Test in 65 centers across the Kingdom


The Education and Training Evaluation Commission (ETEC) holds, through its affiliate the National Center for Assessment (NCA), the Cognitive Ability Test, which is used by several government agencies for screening job applicants. The test administration will continue until the 2nd of Dhū al-Qa'dah 1440H, corresponding to 5 July 2019. This test will be used for screening applicants for government jobs, including jobs lately announced by the Ministry of Justice​

The test measures a range of cognitive abilities possessed by the individual, which enable him/her  to recognize and understand the relationships between things and events.

The test will be held over five days through 65 centers across the Kingdom. The test consists of four main abilities: verbal, quantitative, explanatory and spatial. It does not directly depend on a specific course of study, but rather on one’s accumulative knowledge derived from life experiences as well as on the individual’s personality traits.

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