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 Training on sampling methods in statistical surveys at the NCA


A training course entitled "Methods of sampling in statistical surveys", which was held over five days, concluded on Thursday, the 7th  of  Rabi I, 1440H at the headquarters of the NCA, an affiliate of the Education and Training Evaluation Commission (ETEC).

The course dealt with the continuous development and keeping abreast of developments in the fields related to the work of the ETEC and its affiliates, particularly field studies. This training course comes as part of the NCA’s endeavor to benefit from international expertise in this field in upgrading its national staff and in-house experts in their respective areas of specialization so as to ensure that a high level of quality and accuracy is provided to clients..

This topic was chosen based on its link to one of the most important national projects undertaken by the ETEC, namely the National Tests Project whose results will have an impact on the future of education in Saudi Arabia and the realization of Vision 2030.

The training course was attended by a number of NCA specialists in statistics and research.​
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