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 Dr. Hossam Zaman appointed as ETEC’s President


His Excellency, Chairman of ETEC’s Board of Directors, Advisor to the Royal Court, Dr. Ahmad ibn Mohammad Al-Issa, announced the Board’s approval of the appointment of HE Dr. Hossam Zaman as President of ETEC.

On this occasion, Dr.Ahmad Al-Issa expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and His Crown Prince for the continuous support of the education sector in general and ETEC and its development projects in evaluating education and improving its quality in particular.

HE Dr. Al-Issa pointed out that the Board’s decision comes in the light of the King’s approval of the nomination of Dr. Hossam Zaman for the ETEC presidency.

HE Dr. Al-Issa expressed his sincere thanks on behalf of the ETEC’s Board of Directors and employees to HH Dr. Faisal ibn Abdullah Al-Mashary Al-Saud for his efforts during his term as the NCA’s CEO and ETEC’s president. He asserted that it was the efforts of HH Dr. Faisal Al-Mashary which had the greatest impact on the establishment of NCA as an affiliate of the Ministry of Higher Education, and then of the ETEC.  HH Dr. Al-Mashary played a major role in the development of ETEC that reflected positively on its national role and regional status.​

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