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 AlRajhi Colleges Adopt the Standardized Test of Arabic Proficiency in Speakers of Other Languages


Sulaiman AlRajhi Colleges in Qassim have adopted the Standardized Test of Arabic Proficiency in Speakers of Other Languages, which is offered by NCA, an ETEC affiliate.  
The test aims at measuring Arabic language proficiency among speakers of other languages in accordance with universally recognized standards of assessment and measurement. The test measures the linguistic proficiency in Arabic in the standard skills of non-native learners of Arabic. This is achieved through a number of questions that are grouped under the following categories: language structures, reading and listening comprehension, and written expression.

The test is used by several entities including universities, institutes, and schools that are accredited in teaching Arabic to speakers of other languages at all levels on local and international scales. Further, the test is also used by universities and institutes that require Arabic language proficiency for admission purposes. In 2016, the test was awarded the Mohammed bin Rashid Arabic Language Award in the category of Education for the class of the best initiative for teaching Arabic in school education (grades 1 to 12).

It is worth noting that no attention has been given to developing an international Arabic language proficiency test despite the importance and widespread presence of Arabic as an official language in international forums, in addition to the fact that it is the official language in several countries. For this reason, NCA—in its legal and specialized capacity—has developed a standardized test of Arabic language proficiency for speakers of other languages to serve the Arabic language, as well as the entities and individuals who will benefit from the results of the test. The Center also aims for the test to become an internationally recognized instrument to measure Arabic language proficiency among speakers of other languages. ​

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