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 Positive Youth Development Scale



Positive Youth Development Scale (PYDS):

The Positive Youth Development Scale (PYDS)draws on Arnold, M.E., Nott, B. D., & Meinhold, J. L. (2012). The Positive Youth Development Inventory. © Oregon State University. 

Stemming from its social responsibility, the National Center for Assessment has worked on the adaptation of PYDS so as to make it compatible with the local and Arab contexts and thus be able to meet the needs of individuals and practitioners in youth-oriented development programs for an accurate and simple tool for measuring positive growth among the youth.

PYDS is meant to help young people acquire the knowledge and skills they need to become positive and productive members of society. It focuses on building on the individuals’ existing strengths and recognizing their unique contributions.

The scale is tailored to serve a wide range of professionals, including practitioners in youth welfare programs, program evaluators and researchers.

Age group:

The scale covers the age group (12-22 years)

Scale Objectives:

​Provide youth with information on their strengths in the six areas covered by the scale, and direct them to appropriate training and enrichment programs targeting areas that need improvement.


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