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 Marriage Preparedness Scale

Marriage Preparedness Scale (MPS)

Studies and research indicate that psychological preparedness and the cultivation of a set of values, attitudes  and skills are the key ingredients to a successful and lasting marriage relationship. Both the husband and the wife need counseling on dealing with responsibilities associated with family life and parenthood.

Why the need for such scale?

  • Draw attention to the soaring divorce rate in the region and the increasing number of cases of troubled families.
  • Identify the most important factors that have an effect on the quality of family life in Saudi Arabia.
  • Provide premarital counseling to help young couples better understand themselves,  discover their potentials, and identify their strengths and weaknesses in a manner that protects privacy and  offers meaningful solutions.
  • Provide support to government and private institutions in setting up mentoring and counseling programs for prospective couples, and developing awareness campaigns for the community.
  • ​Provide research contributions which will lay the foundation for future scales and tests pertaining to family life and parenthood.

Targeted Groups:

Prospective couples



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