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 Post-Graduate General Aptitude Test

 Post-Graduate General Aptitude Test


This test aims at:

  1. identifying students' research skills, which might predict success in post-graduate studies.
  2. making students aware of their mental skills in preparation for post-graduate studies.
  3. providing a fresh standard by which post-graduate students can be selected.​
It is taken for granted that the well-renowned world universities use similar tests, e.g., GRE,  to sort out the applicants for post-graduate studies​

Components and Duration

This test has a 2.5- hour duration and is presented in Arabic for university graduates. It has three parts: the verbal (linguistic), the quantitative (mathematical), and the logical (inductive-spatial). It mainly focuses on:

  1. Reading comprehension
  2. Discriminating the logical structure of linguistic expressions
  3. Inductive capacity
  4. Inference capacity
  5. Capacity to cognize logical relations, spatial and non-spatial
  6. Analytical capacity
  7. Deductive capacity
  8. Result interpretation capacity
  9. Problem-solving capacity based on basic mathematical concepts.


Sections of the test

The questions relevant to the three parts of the test are alternately presented in all six sections .Each section is devoted 25 minutes. All questions are multiple-choice type.​​​

​Test Times

The test is presented 3 times a year, the times are listed in the following website.​

Any student seeking post-graduate studies (humanities or science major) is eligible.

  1. Post-graduate students in the Saudi universities
  2. Post-graduate students in military programs
  3. Candidates for overseas scholarships.
  4. Candidates for higher diplomas, locally and internationally.

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