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 Scholastic Achievement Admission Test (Science)

 Scholastic Achievement Admission Test (Science)

Questions and duration:

The test covers the general and key concepts in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and English covered in the courses of the three grades of General Secondary School. Questions vary in their focus on knowledge levels. Some questions measure comprehension, others measure application, inference and so on. Questions cover the subjects in even percentages as follows: biology 20 %, chemistry 20 %, physics 20 %, and mathematics 20 %, English 20 %.

The test is expected to last for three and half hours including instructions, paperwork and form filling. The actual test duration, 2.5 hours, is divided into five sections, 30 minutes each. The student has to strictly stick to the amount of time devoted to each section. All question s are of multiple-choice type. An HB2 pencil type has to be used for marking the right answer. Since questions do not require much complexity, no electronic calculator is allowed during the test session.

​Once all exam sessions in all cities have ended, grading and analysis starts. Review process concerning students' personal data takes place in the main center headquarters in Riyadh. The grading process includes analyzing exam items and excluding the statistically inappropriate questions. Grading usually takes a whole week and the results come out soon after.

  • Results are electronically sent to universities and you are not required to take any printed certificates to the universities.
  • An SMS is usually sent to all students registered in the messaging service.
  • You can also receive your results via phone number 920000696 or the results homepage​

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