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 Excel Award

​Qiyas' Award for Excellence stems from the professional and social responsibility assumed by the National Center for Measurement and Assessment, its mission that embraces invaluable contribution to education and its strong belief in the importance of education in supporting the development process in our precious country to attain the highest levels of knowledge and experience.  It also stresses Qiyas’s goals of motivating students to do well on its tests, encouraging educational institutions to provide better educational and learning environments, encouraging researchers and research centers, strengthening the Center’s social role as well as conveying a positive message to society so to foster healthy competition in the fields of academic and scientific excellence. Therefore, the Center has established "Qiyas' Award for Excellence"; an award built on scientific standards just like other international awards with similar goals.



  •  Fostering the culture of excellence and giving credit to the distinguished nationally and internationally.​

  • Enhancing the role of the Center scientifically and socially at the national and international levels.  

  • Promoting the culture of measurement in society.


 ​​الموسم الخامس للجائزة برعاية البنك​ الأهلي التجاري
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