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 Qiyas Award for Excel Schools

Qiyas Excellence Award for Distinguished Schools

It is an annual award given to the first five male and five female schools in accordance with the following criteria:

  • The Award is given to the first five schools of both genders that achieve the highest mean scores on the tests administered by the Center.
  • The mean of the candidates' scores in both the GAT and the Achievement Test are the scores considered.
  • The number of the students in each candidate school should not be fewer than 50 students.
  • The ranking of the schools should be based on the performance of their students in the last three years that precede the date of the Award.
  • In case a school wins the Award for three years in a row, it receives a medal renewed every year in the fourth time. In case a school cannot maintain its performance, it loses its right to the medal but still can start working for it again.

Value of the Award:

Each school receives a medal of excellence with the motto of Award and the year of winning.​

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