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 Qiyas Friends

​​​​​​Qiyas attempts to spread awareness about its mission, objectives and building up a positive mental picture. The idea of (Qiyas Friends Project) had been incepted for this reason. This project is based on formulating a network of friends, on various stages, and for each region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We shall attempt to spread the culture of Qiyas and remove any misconceptions about it amongst beneficiaries. It is further concerned with the transfer [disseminate] new information about the Center concerning the execution of the tests, spreading the training culture on such tests through the Preparation and Training Program. The major objectives of the project are summarized as follows:


  • Spread the culture of Qiyas

  • Communicate and deliver the correct [valid] information to the community.

  • Increase the number of effective [active] social media.

  • Increase awareness about the importance of educational development through Measurement and Evaluation. 

  • Improve the service of our beneficiaries through friends.

  • Develop the concept of Qiyas.

  • Enhance the principle of initiative and volunteering in community service through the education portal.

We are pleased that you join “Qiyas Friends” voluntary Program in order to spread the culture of Qiyas and evaluation in the community, to increase the awareness and knowledge amongst students, disseminate new information about tests and standards, improving the concept of Qiyas, providing the best services to beneficiaries, and promoting the principle of initiative and volunteering in the service of the community.


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