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High Order No. 8/471 was issued on the 19th of Jumad I 1421H approving a decision issued by the Ministry of Education’s council, which was supported by a Council of Ministers’ Resolution, including the following:

1. Admission requirements for universities shall include standardized tests in addition to high-school scores, and such tests may be carried out as follows:

a. Tests that measure students’ abilities, skills, and interests

b. Tests that measure academic scholastic achievement, provided that such tests are unified for like specialties.

2. Students shall be allowed to take these admission tests more than once a year.

3. An administratively and financially autonomous center shall be established and it shall be named “The National Center for Assessment in Higher Education”.

4. A financial fee shall be collected, suitable to the costs of organizing the abovementioned tests, to cover the Center’s operational costs, as well as the costs required for its development including conducting research to serve this purpose.​

On the 30th of Rajab 1437H, a Royal Decree was issued to change the name of the “Public Education Evaluation Commission” to the “Education and Training Evaluation Commission”. The Decree also stipulated that any tasks and responsibilities related to the evaluation and assessment of public or higher education in the Kingdom both government and private shall be transferred to the Commission. Further, the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Assessment, the National Center for Assessment in Higher Education, and the National Center for Technical and Vocational Assessment and Accreditation shall be administratively linked to the Commission. The Commission itself shall report to the Prime Minister and its chairman of the board of directors shall be appointed by a Royal Order. Accordingly, the name of the Center was modified to the “National Center for Assessment”.

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