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In the 19th of Jamada Aloula 1421 AH, a royal decree numbered 471/8 affirming the Higher Education Council’s along with the Council of Ministers Decision, which includes:
  1. The requirements of college admission should include exams where its results are used as a standard along with the high school diploma results, those tests could be performed according to the following:
    • Exams to assess the student’s abilities and skills.
    • Exams to assess the student’s educational achievement.
  2. The student is allowed to take the exam more than once a year.
  3. Establishing a managerially and financially independent center to be named “ The National Center for Assessment in Higher Education.”
  4. To receive a fee, which is Commensurate with the costs of preparing these exams, to cover the costs of running the center and its development, and to conduct thereto.​
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